Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 Task Force 141 “Ghost” Jacket Cosplay Costume

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Call of Duty is a great game, and the CoD perfect cosplay costume for fans of the game is very popular now!

The Call of duty game is very hot now all over the world ,especially in young people , it has issued a formal works to the ninth department, it is respectively:

Call of Duty
Call of Duty 2
Call of Duty 3
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty: World at War
Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty: Black Ops
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Are you also call of duty’s loyal fans? Do you want to cosplay the game character? And now Call of duty clothes are sale on our website, The costume color is very close to the game’s, are gray pan-blue.they are almost the same as the costumes in the game, it can make you feel you are the real person in the game. So cool, right?

This outfit is replicas of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 “Task Force 141″ tactical jacket, as popularized by the character named Ghost. Very similar to the way that the Bruce Lee’s megashop creates homage clothing. We have recreated Ghost’s outfit with a wide variety of sizes and options. So please just choose it if you are interested in. Because when you zipline into a terrorist-filled oil rig, you can’t risk getting snared up.

Call of Duty cosplay photo show from us :

Call of Duty cosplay costumesCall of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 TF 141 Ghost Cosplay Costume detail:

Call of Duty cosplay costumes

1. In the right chest pocket has walkie-talkie headset line hole, you can also put the MP3.
2. Zippers including four on the sleeves are really pockets; all of them are big enough.
3. Taking into account the practical, we put a pumping cord into the brim。In the game ,there is no this cord, if you do not want this ,you can remove it with scissors, we suggest that it is not required to do so .because when it rains, it is very convenient of to have this rope.
4. Zipper internal made a button stand, to prevent sliding vane direct contact with the skin, not afraid of the cold winter. Although in the game, there is no this, but it does not affect the appearance.
5. Left of the plug inside the bag, great big.

Call of Duty Costume Texture:

*Fabrics used the imported luxury Berber fleece, almost the same with the texture of the clothes in the Game
*Deep velvet thick, tightly level of clarity.
*There is a big difference with the average fleece, not chaos velvet pilling phenomenon.
*And more, fleece is woven into the cotton Mesh.
*The woven fine rule toughness having a good permeability

–Epaulets with Velcro way, you can replace them at any time. Convenient.
–Cuffs with Velcro, both tightening the cuffs practicality, faithful to the shape of the game
–High precision knitting thread hem, good shrink, comfortable to wear, while keeping clothes type version.
–Every detail at all strives to be consistent with the game prototype and workmanship quality.

Call of duty by Activision Company in 2003 first production issue of FPS game series, has been issued by the world from the game players love, and is one of the classic games of FPS. Let’s enjoy below call of duty video show :

Why buy call of duty clothing from us ?
1. Top quality guarantee with reasonable price
2. Good package and fast shipping
3. High reputation, enthusiastic after-sales service

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45 Responses to Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 Task Force 141 “Ghost” Jacket Cosplay Costume

  1. Paddi says:

    This was a great mask and gloves, my kid love it. He wanted to be Ghost and this filled the bill.

  2. kenlem says:

    I like your site. I am also call of duty fans.

  3. Orvily says:

    I bought this for a hunting trip in Canada. It made quite the impression on the guides and the bears. Fits great and is comfortable.

  4. Nat says:

    I bought this just for gaming, not much else just to look cool.

  5. Honny says:

    Great quality. This mask and jacket are great if you’re wearing it on the winter. Warm and protect your face against the wind.

  6. John says:

    Very well done mask. Like it very much. The only problem, for me, is that it’s too warm for where i live. But the mask is perfect.

  7. Marlin says:

    Great product and it came faster than I thought so I was happy to receive it.

  8. Leo says:

    For all you CALL OF DUTY FANS !! this is a must have collectible! The level of detail is real.

  9. Harry says:

    Unbelievable to look at the image online, and even better in your hands. This is a rare piece and should be on anyone’s buy list that loves Modern Warfare.

  10. Kaly says:

    I was very impressed on the detail of this jacket and the Ghost gloves bigger than expected im very happy with this purchase.

  11. Jare says:

    I used the fitting chart as recommended by the site and the jacket fits perfectly. Also came with a Ghost face mask which I wasn’t expecting but was a nice bonus. Highly recommend purchasing this item. Thank you~

  12. Nanly says:

    I have ordered this item I didn’t think it would be this good!! But it was!! No need for long words 8 stars out of 5 !!!

  13. Yllonne says:

    I could tell as soon as I got it out of the box that it was worth every penny, as it is made from high quality, comfortable material. My brother has been wearing it nonstop since he got it and it still looks like new! Awesome jacket, would recommend it to any COD fan..

  14. Gabral says:

    this jacket is awesome I bought one for a friend for halloween it looked so good I decided to get myself one too!!!!

  15. Alsder says:

    Great product. Very detailed. When I got this I was sooo excited it was neatly packaged it took a long time to get here but it was totally worth the wait if you a COD fan you must have this.

  16. Irener says:

    Love it. Fits perfectly and it’s warm, not to mention being a sick jacket. That’s it all. I recommend it.

  17. Barbala says:

    This jacket has kept me very warm and comfortable in the cool, rainy weather. I liked this “Ghost” Jacket.

  18. Connir says:

    Really cool! It arrived on time, I receive my product in perfect conditions, and it was very well packaged, with very good price.

  19. Editer says:

    It was purchased as a gift and my nephew really liked it.

  20. Jacque says:

    Looks amazing. It adds a flavor to my game room that I’ll enjoy for a long time to come. Thank you! :D

  21. Holly says:

    the jacket looks cool, it’s what I want

  22. Aidan says:

    this is really a cool costume , thanks

  23. modlern says:

    call of duty game is my favorite game. I like this costume so much.

  24. Dolly says:

    I bought the Ghost mask for Halloween party, it will make you look just like Ghost from Modern Warfare.

  25. Kallestaple says:

    I bought it for my best friend, he likes it.

  26. Frank says:

    Excellent item very cool very warm
    Awesome patches
    The coat was the exact size I needed

  27. Jubby says:

    I ordered this a few days ago and just received it. This is what I wanted for Halloween this year as COD Ghosts is coming soon. Seems like its good quality and I like it enough to use it a s a casual jacket.

  28. Rodny says:

    This is a Halloween present for my boyfriend, which I know he will love. The jacket is painted amazingly. Definately worth it. Great present for any avid gamer.

  29. Jack says:

    This is a great costume! It is nice and thick, perfect for cold weather

  30. Alisma says:

    I purchased this jacket for my son and it is exactly what he wanted.

  31. Andrea says:

    I bought it second times, and the quality is good.

  32. Daviry says:

    The jacket is so soft, I love it so much.

  33. Sam says:

    I bought this for my boyfriend. He loved it and it kept him very warm.

  34. Linken says:

    I bought it for my son, he said the jacket is warm.

  35. Sala says:

    The costume is good quality and it looks fashion. I like it very much.

  36. Bom says:

    I bought it as a gift, and now I want one for myself. Great material, great quality!

  37. Kelly says:

    Ordered this jacket for my boyfriend’s birthday… I love the color and it fit him perfectly, defintely true to size. Very warm

  38. Cannery says:

    great material very warm. Great for winter!!

  39. Dnesly says:

    The jacket is soft, for the price i mean is great and more! i need buy another one to my best friend.

  40. Wonder says:

    Incredibly Warm, comfortable fit, it’s good.

  41. Query says:

    I recommend this product is very practical, fits very well,

  42. Kerry says:

    It looks so great on my husband. I also like the material which feels so soft.

  43. Dnesly says:

    This is a high quality garment. I like it.

  44. Simon says:

    If you want a warm costume, this is what you want. It is washable and durable.

  45. Stefen says:

    This jacket is very nice and warm. I ordered Large size and it good fit for me. I recommend this jacket!

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