Call of Duty 10 4 Modern Warfare Raid German Amazon has Support for XP

Call of Duty 10 4 Modern Warfare Raid German Amazon has Support for XP

Today about activision has not yet been officially announced, but the boiling variety have been outside the new book “the call of duty 10″ “the call of duty” and a new message. German amazon today to the call of duty 10 on pre-order page. Although price (69.99 euro), supported by the operating system (Windows XP/Windows 7 / Vista), distributors, and landing platform, all have, but when we see the figure on the left side of the cover, can not help but sigh this is likely to be just a guess and hype.

Back in November 2012, for the call of duty classic price captain voice actor Bill Murray (note that this Bill Murray is not that movie star in Hollywood) says, he is responsible for the “modern warfare 3″ in Los Angeles sequel “4″ modern warfare development work. With the call of duty 9: black action 2 “was released in November 2012,” four of the modern war “is likely to have been lined up to stimulate the fans. Associated activision in game developers conference 2013 (GDC 2013) shows the next generation of rendering technology (new) engine, so the call of duty 10 images are likely to want to break the record for “5 years don’t change the engine”. Homeless star before the official has not yet been confirmed, it is good to look. , of course, this is what we all look forward to, hope “the call of duty 10″ can bring us more surprise.

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