Call of Duty Ghost Mask

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Buy the Call of Duty Face Mask Now, Get Free Glasses! The Gift is Limited Quantity. is a website about call of duty costume. If you want to buy this Ghost Mask , you can click above picture to buy one.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Ghost Skull Mask

Call of Duty masks

Brand New and High Quality
Hand Draw Pattern.
Cotton textile Balaclavas .100% Soft Cotton Premium Quality Mask
Flexible and Warm.
Soft elastic. One Size Fits Most

*Black SKULL Balaclava
*Total width at Neck Opening approximately 9″
*Offer well protection and cool look.
*A Balance of Comfort and Protection on your skirmishing.

–Suggested to use with goggles for best protection
–Perfect for air soft war game activities.
–Strong enough to withstand high power Air soft Rifle
–Excellent solution for those with limited budget.

1.Our Ghost Skull Face Mask pure hand-painted pattern opening right in the middle of the mask, other shops pattern batch machine printed, pattern can easily deviate from.

Ghost Skull Mask

2.Our Ghost Skull Face Mask hand-painted dye evenly, other shops home machine printed pigment shades.

Ghost Skull Mask

3.Our Ghost Skull Face Mask the middle of the hand-painted pattern seamless, other shops printed pattern as a whole layer of gelatinous substance, easy to crack.

Ghost Skull Mask

4.Our Ghost Skull Face Mask caps original type to bring three-dimensional and more realistic, other shops pattern is wide and short, wear obvious gap.

Ghost Skull Mask

The pictures of the people cosplay the call of duty fighters:

Ghost Skull Mask

Ghost Skull Mask

3 Responses to Call of Duty Ghost Mask

  1. Beacher says:

    this mask is cool, i have bought one last week

  2. Jobor says:

    It is perfect size for child and adult. It is well made and very warm.

  3. Dacy says:

    Bought this for my boyfriend and he loved it! He said it was actually pretty warm. A good gift in the cold winter.

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