The Call of Duty: Ghosts Cover Leaked Secret Mask

Retailers Tesco has CoD first exposes the latest cover of “the call of duty 10: ghost, a mysterious” mask “, details of the unknown, booking page release date for December 30, but we know that this is just a placeholder information, Target booking page leak says it will launch in November 5, on PC, Xbox360, PS3 and next generation host. Cover: homeless stars it is understood that this will set the background of “modern warfare” series, but it will be closer to the future (similar to black action 2 set), contains a lot of future wind weapons at the same time, also need to pay attention to subtitle is not classic role “ghost”, the plural words probably said “the terminator” nickname. In addition, the official will be officially announced on May 1, the new work. Homeless people homeless star sky retailer Tesco advertising.

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