The Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Will also Rises for the Next Generation Games

The Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Will also Rises for the Next Generation Games

The Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (4) “will” also rises “for the next generation games
10 “call of duty: modern warfare 4″ is like “tomorrow, the sun also rises,” will certainly be available. But about activision and IW before “nuclear war”, raise a new dust again recently. According to GameSpot would reported yesterday, activision CEO Bobby Kotick said firing Jason West and Vince Zampella core (IW) is don’t need to do too much consideration. Kotick said: “you find his two officials plan to break the contract, take the money you send them, and stole the 40 employees. What do you do? Of course, is to be laid off.” This is a matter of tens of millions of dollars in legal case in last may to clear. Now before the two leaders of IW West and Zampella is EA’s a studio Respawn development game, soon will open their first game. CEO of activision Kotick not predecessor was big and fat, not winning players and news media support, about him before IW gratitude and grudges who also said not clearly. From the West and Zampella after leaving office, “the call of duty 8: modern warfare 3″ and “the black action 2″ to continue the success of “the call of duty” series. 10 “call of duty: modern warfare 4″ the news is rumour, but we are looking forward to it can be listed at the end of 2013, is said to be a next generation games.

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